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Martyn at Larkhall, March '06 picure by John MacTavish of www.kartpics.co.uk

After starting out fastest in  practice Martyn won the first heat of the day, from grid 13 setting the fastest lap around a quarter of a second faster than anyone else.  He followed that up with another win in heat two but had got to to front early and held on comfortably with no need to push still set the fastest lap but this time much slower than heat 1.

In heat 3 He got caught up in traffic..... after quickly getting through to 3rd place he lost out in a succession of corners as other drivers made moves on him.  Within a few laps he had cleared them again but was unable to make any impression on the two in front.

This was good enough to put Martyn on his second pole of the year (he's now earned 3 front row and one second row grids so far) .  Things didn't look good from the outset.... Although he set of in the lead he was quickly overwhelmed and slipped down the field as he struggled with a carburetor problem  After trying to hold on, fearing possible engine damage he was forced to retire.....gutted.

Well done to Mark Hobson (again) on the win.

more news - see Paddock Gossip further down - did you get a mention?


what a nice new suit!!!!


Again, in cold but dry (mostly) conditions Martyn finished a good 4th in heat one, from grid 18 setting the fastest lap of the race, which was a new lap record for the demanding Valley circuit at 3 Sisters.




In the second (of two) heat he started from grid 13 and worked through to a strong 2nd place behind fellow Scot Steven Napier.  Martyn was surprised and disappointed at his friends bad luck when Steven seized his engine on the very last corner of the race, leaving Martyn to inherit 1st place.

This put Martyn on pole for the final, alongside another Scot Callum Craw, also having a good day.  Behind Martyn was club favourite James Duxberry and alongside him was Dean Golba.


Martyn leads Duxberry

Martyn set off in the lead only to lose it in lap two when Duxberry out-dragged him on the long straight.  Martyn set after him and closed right up, setting the fastest lap of the race - then a slight spit of rain started - just enough to slow them down marginally and Martyn was unable to maintain his challenge, settling for a safe 2nd place behind Duxberry.


Well Callum nobody has said anything nice about my tie today - I see you've not taken any chances.....        Steve - I think your tie is the dogs bollocks        Well thanks Martyn - your tie's nice too ( althogh obviously not in the same league as mine)...       Well Matt - can you explain how on earth you managed to win the Championship without a tie?.....

OK (Steve Clayton) tie jokes over the top three in the British Championship pose for the camera.  Callum Holland (3rd), Martyn Lyell (2nd) and Matt Bell (1st)


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Martyn is building on his successful relationship with GFR Racing Engines - the UK's top engine tuner.  Martyn will continue to have his engines prepared by them and one of the UK's top partnerships in Formula TKM wil be trying their hardest to repeat the successes (maybe one better?) from 2005 into 2006.

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Martyn is very pleased to receive continued support in 2006  from

  • www.Kartpics.co.uk - John MacTavish who has provides most of the top class pictures on this website
  • Maglin Domestics - from Penicuik
  • GFR engines - Gordie and Kevin
  • Ian Campbell Properties
  • (especially) his Mum,Dad and two sisters
27/28 wins and 19 second places - wow!!!
Martyn's results from 2005 - click for bigger image
[2004 results graph]

Martyn benefited from a days kart driver coaching in February last year from Terence Dove at Evenflow.  Terence had studied some video of Martyn and identified the areas where he thought he could help - without taking anything away from Martyn's good points.   Why not give yourself an advantage too? 

Contact Terence and mention Martyn.

Paddock Gossip

  • Larkhall, March '06
  • Well done Sophie Lanc - fastest looking Junior TKM all day with 2 wins and 2 second places
  • Nice to see John MacTavish - ace photographer at larkhall after he missed last month.  Great shots....
  • Mark Hobson once again proved it's possible to jump from super-sticky-tyred  ICA to TKM by winning the final for the second month. Well done.
  • Steven Napier was on his new Venom this weekend and was going better each time he went out
  • Martyn gave his new ARC suit it's Scottish debut - it was even sunny and looks great in John MacTavish's brilliant pictures - see gallery
  • Ross Davie keeps missing out - he has a sprained wrist and found it too tough after practice - hope to see him out next time.
  • Where was Craig MacDougall this month?
  • Zack Daines also confused us all with a new suit - very bright Zack!.
  • Martyn's best engine (called "0" plate - mmm wonder why) is staying at  it's uncle Gordies for a few days before Martyn gets it back for the first round of Super One.
  • David Wagner is plugging away there and making good progress in JTKM.  Hard on the heels of the more experienced drivers he's sure to make an impression soon....
  • Aaron Manserg made his Scottish debut on his ex-Martyn Lyell JKH  - looking good Aaron...
  • Ross Fenty also missed this month - although it was good to see him practicing - he's at his first S1 round next week at Buckmore.  We'll see you there Ross - we remember how the first one feels - it was only a year ago for Martyn too.
  • Cadets looked good today - Martyn's neighbour Martin Miller is getting to grips with the Comer and was a bit unlucky in the final but is definitely getting there.
  • MLM Paint helmets were on show - Roxanne Steyn's helmet looks great - you won't miss her.  Aaron Manserg's helmet is also a great match for his (ex Martyn Lyell) outfit
  • Martyn's engine from last year "Jimbo" has just sold on ebay for £411
  • 3 Sisters, Feb 2006
  • GFR engines rule.... both Martyn and James Duxberry use Gordon's carefully prepared engines - brilliant....
  • Hard luck Steven Napier - fired off in heat 1 by another driver who drove over the top of him!!!  then seized on the last lap, last corner while leading for a certain win.  Started grid 28 in the final and had a storming drive to finish 10th.
  • Callum Craw also had a good weekend -qualifying in grid two for the final and finishing a very well-earned 5th
  • Wayne MacAuley also had a mixed weekend !  Wearing his new Gillard race suit he finished 9th and 19th in the heats but DNF's the final - don't know why yet?  He had good pace though - especially in heat 2
  • What a busy place 3 Sisters was!!!  Sardines get more room.  Arrived Friday nuight and the puts were already full.  All the MSA class guys were testing Friday and Saturday - leaving little room for some of the foilk who were actually racing!!  The club did well to give us 4 or 5 sessions of practice in these conditions!
  • Martyn nearly didn't race at all - after firing his kart into the tyres at the end of a wet (everyone was on slicks) 3 lap practice - brealing a track rod end and bending a stub axle - which his ACE mechanic repaired.  Didn't seem to slow him down much luckily!
  • Martyn got to show off his new ARC race suit for the first time - very smart!!!
  • Mark Hobson was testing Friday / Sat on his ICA - looked quite quick - good luck for the first round Mark.
  • , Kimbolton Feb 06
  • Luke Herbert has joined the ARC team and is going really well - especially when he uses his GFR motor.  Luke and Martyn were already great pals from last year's S1 series so it's great to be with him this year
  • Steven Napier was the othert Scot in Senior TKM racing at Kimbolton but suffered a coipe of shunts which set him back.  He was very quick though and more than capable of mixing it with the other quick drivers.
  • Sophie Lanc and Colin Samborek were the only Scottish drivers in Junior TKM.  It was Sophie's first time there but she did well.  David and Sophie finished 11th and 12th respectively in a grid of 31 drivers.  Well done.
  • Larkhall Feb 2006
  • What's happened to the Junior TKMs?  A disapointingly poor grid.
  • Well done to David Wagner, winning Junior TKM in his first race
  • Mark Hobson took a break from ICA to race TKM Extreme
  • Larkhall December 2005
  • John MacTavish presented Martyn with a couple of his custom made calendars.  They are absolutely stunning and the picture on his website www.kartpics.co.uk just can't do them justice.  All we can say is GET ONE - you won't regret it!
  • Lucky with the weather for the final meeting of the year.  Although cold and damp underfoot (track) it stayed dry all Sunday
  • Well done Ross Davie for winning the Junior TKM Club Championship.  With some of the other major contenders out of the running because of missed meetings due to date clashes it all came down to a final showdown between Ross and Fraser Wallace.
  • Well done Steven Napier (Naps) who had what looked like a convincing win in the Junior TKM final from fellow team handsome member Stuart Warnock.
  • Unluckiest driver of the day must surely be Ross Fenty!  As his team lifted the rear of the kart to push him off for the final - the rear bumper came away in their hand - with a sheared bolt giving him no alternative to watch from the pit lane.
  • Well done Zack Daines on winning the final TKM race of the year.
  • Rebekah Fairley had a good run in the final after being a bit off in the heats she stormed to a well deserved 3rd place. Did her dad feed her wheatabix in the break?
  • Kimbolton November 2005
  • Martyn enjoyed the big grids again - 34 on the grid in TKM Extreme - for a clubby!!  brilliant
  • ARC appeared to be pretty happy with Martyn's debut on their chassis with a win -can't do much better!
  • Martyn's ex-Intermediate buddies Joe and Joe (Morrison and Forsdyke) both had problems with DNF's and damaged chassis in one on the heats - they both had to change to other chassis during the day!
  • We think Martyn probably was the furthest traveled for the meeting?
  • It was strange watching the Intermediates with so many of the regulars from this year missing/moved up.
  • Martyn presented his team mate on the day - Luke Caudle with a DVD of the O plate race he won after Martyn was excluded.
  • Luke also enjoyed having Martyn as a team mate on the day -someone who was as quick as him to push him on
  • Martyn is continuing dialogue with ARC - will he be an ARC works driver next year?... or JK?.... watch this space - it WILL be decided soon...
  • After this meeting Martyn's tally for the year is up to 27 wins (28 if we count the O plate)
  • Larkhall November 2005
  • That was Martyn's first club race at Larkhall since the beginning of August - it was nice to be back.
  • It was also only Martyn's second Senior TKM Extreme race - and the first in Scotland
  • Team Handsome had a double with Martyn and Mark Hobson who won the Junior race comfortably
  • Notice Martyn's new race number - same as he used at the O plate no. 28.  It was the first available number currently as he wanted a low number because at the big meetings the grids are too large to let everyone out at once.  The low numbers go out together - by choosing 28 he gets to play with the seeded drivers.   Hopefully he'll earn a lower number next year (very nearly a 0 now!!)
  • Wayne MacAulay  looked happier back on his familiar Gillard chassis - he use a Venom at the O plate
  • Martyn didn't have his best engine with him at Larkhall - he had over-revved it in the final corner shunt at the O plate and twisted the crank.  Hopefully he'll have it all fixed for Kimbolton next week!
  • Jaymie McBlain gave Martyn a good dice in heat 2 along with Kris Fitzpatrick as they swapped places for a few laps.
  • Mark Hobson is still undecided on whether he'll race inters or senior TKM next year - depends on the grids.
  • A few drivers brought some fireworks and we had an informal fireworks display (OK a few rockets) on Saturday night in the field across from the track .
  • Clay Pigeon"0" Plate
  • She should have gone to specsavers !!!!  - that is the official observer who saw the last corner incident and said Martyn drove over the top of  No 8.  Luckily once all the drivers had stopped laughing they all agreed on the actual story which was also what the other (who must have been actually watching it!) observer saw.
  • Hard luck to fellow Scot Steven Napier - was driving well but for some strange reason his motors (all of them) were really off the pace - this needs looking into as one of them was the world (well-almost) famous "EFF"
  • Hard luck Mark Hobson too who won heat 1 in Inters by miles only to be excluded for coming in 0.2kg underweight (told you you shouldn't have gone to the toilet!)
  • Matt Bell also failed to dominate as expected - being involved in a collision on the last lap in inters and went missing earlier on in juniors.
  • Big disappointment in grid for Inters -only 8!!!! in contrast to Seniors which had 47 entries.
  • We wonder how the (Scottish) critics who thought Martyn only won in Scotland because of the "significant" advantage that Inters have over Juniors can explain how he can be so competitive at UK level in Seniors ? mmmmm............. that's a tough one....
  • Well done Wayne MacAulay, testing a Venom at the weekend qualified from the B final into the A and was going well before a coming together with two other karts(watch it on the video!)
  • Martyn was penalised 4 points on his licence for failing to comply with the mechanical warning flag.  He saw it but couldn't make out the number as he was so engaged in his battle- looked next time and saw it was his number and was going to come in - it was the last lap anyway!!!  Not good enough apparently - We KNOW other culprits were not treated this way as we were told by the other CoC AFTER we had withdrawn our very expensive (potentially) appeal.
  • Many thanks to Ian Janes, Paul Janes dad who seems to know a thing or two..... he helped us rebuild carburettors on Saturday night and the one we use (actually Martyn's LEAST favourite!!) was faultless all Sunday. Thanks again Ian.
  • The organisation at Clay left a lot to be desired.  Maybe we are spoiled by S1 where practices are a good (short) length and you know at the start of the day how many you'll get!, and tyres are given out the day before, and scrutineering is done the night before, and there's no need for a totally useless drivers briefing on the second day from a condescending p**** person.
  • Clay Pigeon gets our BIGGEST RIP-OFF AWARD for charging £8 a night to stay there -apparently to pay for the facilities - which you also pay extra as you use them anyway, showers, restaurant ..........   Some tracks or clubs just shouldn't be allowed to run big meetings (in our opinion).
  • Saving grace for Clay Pigeon - good kart shop with very pleasant and helpful proprietor, thanks.
  • Whilton Mill S1, 2nd October '05
  • Whilton Mill was Martyn's last Junior race
  • Many congratulations to all the S1 champions, especially Matt Bell -Intermediate, Danny Graham, Juniors and Adam Constable, Seniors.  Also to all the others like Martyn who did their best to make sure the champions really earned their titles.
  • Even though he's won the No.2 plate he will never use it as he has already moved to seniors - his Extreme engines will again be supplied by GFR and his first Senior race is the TKM "O" plate - the British Open - in at the deep end!
  • Chris Evans was having his best S1 at Whilton, putting it on the front row for the final -he's moving into gearbox next year.
  • Martyn's buddy Luke Herbert will also be racing in the O Plate as a senior
  • Joe Morrison  has already moved to seniors after a poor result at Larkhall- we'll maybe see him at the O plate?
  • Fellow Scot Mark Hobson is still undecided on next year Inters or Seniors?  He plans to race the O plate as an Inter though.
  • Joe Forsdyke will also be senior next year but won't have time to get his motors converted so will race the O plate as an Inter.
  • S1 Champion Matt Bell plans to compete (as he did last year) in the O plate as both Junior and Junior Intermediate.
  • Callum Holland will be racing in the O plate as an Inter as he is not 16 until next year
  • Buckmore Park Stars of Tomorrow, 25th September '05
  • What a well run series, at least from our experience of this event.  Drivers briefing, by class, very helpful and friendly - not the school-kid reprimand style favoured by some!.  Drivers are registered at briefing so must attend.  sticker packs available, results all available - very nice
  • looks like Junior/Inter TKM will be included in the Stars' series next year
  • Larkhall S1, 21st August '05
  • At least one manufactures agent is taking notice of Martyn;  will we see him on a different chassis next year?
  • Hard luck again to Scotland's top Junior TKM driver Steven Napier who was the victim of some over-aggressive driving - severely denting his prospects at Larkhall.  He drove well in the final but had too much to make up from the heats.
  • Zack Daines in Extremes was another victim - we saw him being pushed straight on at the last corner - into the bark.  Zack qualified into the A final from the B - but was always going to have a lot to make up from.
  • Richard Crozier also sustained damage - didn't get a chance to find out what happened but we spotted a VERY bent axle sitting in his awning - oops!
  • Martyn's success was enjoyed by his Mum and two sisters, his Grandad as well as his uncle and cousins and other family friends.  He also got lots of welcome support from fellow karters who had come to watch Scotland's premier TKM  event of the year.  Ross Davie (Jnr TKM 60) who had come to watch on Saturday ended up staying overnight with Steven Napier to soak up the atmosphere.
  • Martyn had a ball with his fellow S1 racers - especially the WESTSIDE POSSE- -Mozza, Janezey and crew.
  • Martyn's sisters Susan (14 on Wednesday) and Jacqueline (11) as well as their friends attracted a lot of attention from fellow racers  - but Martyn's dad is keeping an eye on them too!!!
  • Luke Herbert nearly binned his kart giving fellow WESTSIDE'rs the WESTSIDE salute while trying to brake for the hairpin - much to the amusement of the others.
  • Big thanks to Kevin from GFR who checked over Martyn's engine on Saturday to make sure the volume was right .  He arrived on Sunday just in time to see Martyn's victory.
  • Well done to Mark Hobson who made it a great Scottish celebration with Scots 1st and 2nd.
  • Kimbolton - TKM Festival 14th August 2005
  • Maxxis TKM Festival 2005 - Scottish Drivers Roll of Honour - click to see all!!
  • Martyn was amongst a very large contingent of Scots who had chosen to race at the TKM Festival where there was some quality competition rather than the "Scottish" - which the ASKC had amazingly decided to hold on the same weekend - what a pity.
  • Good news - all of the Scottish drivers missed out the "C" Final - actually quite an achievement for many - against such a quality field and for many a first visit.
  • The current Scottish TKM Extreme starts were outshone by a couple of "old timers" (sorry guys).  Top Scots in the supremely tough Elite final were Peter Moore and Kris Baillie - both having more-or-less a one-off drive!  Very impressive guys.
  • The Festival was televised and the top 3 were interviewed - that should be a laugh - watch for it!!
  • Martyn's prizes included a very nice trophy, a £75 voucher from Tal-ko and a TV with built-in DVD player - very nice thanks.
  • Larkhall 7th August
  • Gemma and Jaymie McBlain just returned from holidays so were watching.  Brought some nice tee shirts and lollipos for their fellow drivers.  Martyn tested the tee shirt and it's a winner,  Thanks!
  • A number of drivers were missing this month.  Steven Napier, Mark Hobson and Colin Samborek were all at PFI.  Gemma McBlain was watching, so was Rebekah Fairley who was saving it all for the Scottish next week.  Where was Steven PlayfairLisa was there?  William Moffat was also missing, having retired from the sport.
  • It looks like the majority of Scottish drivers are heading south next weekend to compete in the biggest TKM event of the year - the TKM Festival at Kimbolton.  There is a small contingent of Juniors who have decided to race at Golspie in the Scottish - there are no seniors racing Golspie.
  • Although William Moffat has retired - his equipment -which is pretty good -an ex Martyn Lyell / Anthony Lester JKH chassis - will continue racing guided by Douglas Simpson.  Watch out for him now!
  • The solitary Formula Blue kart was put out with JTKM - even although it should be broadly comparable with Mini/Junior Rotax - ie about 2 seconds a lap faster!  The poor driver had no-one to race against and unfortunately got in the way of the JTKM racers on several occasions who WERE racing against each other.  He very nearly interrupted the battle for the lead in the final!!!  Hopefully he will get a chance to race in the future against more comparable karts - rather than just circulate - or get in the way of another class!
  • Whilton Mill 31st July '05
  • What a great team spirit at Whilton Mill where we watched with much more interest that usual our team-mates in all classes.
  • Stuart Warnock had a great final setting fastest lap in Junior TKM
  • Martyn was helped by his school pal Jaimie Dyer for the 3rd time - Martyn hasn't last a final since Jamie came with us - I think we need to bring him to the next Super One!!
  • Also "assisting"  was arch-rival and good friends Steven Napier who wasn't racing this weekend.  Steven is off to Kartmasters at PFI next week - we wish him all the best for that top level event - watch for him on the telly!
  • Crail, 17th July
  • Disappointing entries at Crail Super Series final round. The SSS coordinator put it down to poor sportsmanship - Maybe it's poor promotion?  Any comments?
  • A number of drivers were showing regained or improved form especially Sophie Lanc and Ross Davie, both of whom might well have won heats in other circumstances.  Well done.
  • Poor old (!!) Ross Fenty had arrived with a good chance of winning the "A" plate but struggled a bit to find his usual speed and sealed his fate with two DNF's in the heats.  Never mind Ross - you've loads of years left.
  • Another front-running cadet is to join Jnr TKM - David Wagner has acquired a nice JKH and has already set some good times in practice.  Welcome David.
  • Senior TKM looked good too with Wayne McCauley scoring a good win from Kris Ballie and Linda Rose.  Unluckiest man was Ian Munro who retired having just taken the lead - although Wayne looked like he wasn't going to let it rest there anyway!
  • Warden Law, 3rd July
  • Bizarre accident - on the way to Warden Law Martyn's van was struck by a chicken (yes - a chicken)!.  It had made a bid for freedom from it's cage in the transporter lorry as it came towards Martyn's van.   With a closing speed of say 100 - 120mph needless to say it didn't survive.  As Martyn's dad picked / fished bits of chicken from the radiator he found it had also punctured a big hole in the rad!!! The journey was completed thanks to fibreglass resin, tissues and radweld.  A more permanent repair before the next trip though!!!
  • Martyn's dad's helmet painting continued with one done for for Sunderland driver Lee Taylor - check out the new page of what we did
  • Well done to fellow Scot and Team Handsome driver Mark Hobson on winning at Warden Law .
  • Martyn was gutted when his S1 engine "EFF" seized after we twisted the crank when the chain came off.  It would have added a little extra edge to his performance. Now we've got to speak nicely to GFR to see what it needs - eek .
  • 3 Sisters, 26 June 2005
  • Martyn used his race engine which, although having clocked up nearly 11 hours  use was still good enough to win.  It gone back to GFR now for a rebuild - that usually gives it a few 10th - I think Martyn will need that for S1 Warden Law
  • Hard luck Anthony lester.  Having been right up there with a good chance of winning- before he was knocked off senselessly in heat 3.  he didn't realise until the final that it mast have bent his chassis as it just would not go where he wanted Final nail in the coffin was when his exhaust broke, he was black/orange flagged but carried on for another lap to complete the race.  He narrowly missed out of a few more points on his license.
  • The other Scottish driver and fellow Team Handsome driver, Stuart Warnock had mixed luck.  Knocked off in two heats and a 3rd in heat 3.  He was in the ;leading pack but fell away towards the end to finish a good 8th.  The remaining Scot, Scott Craw finished 10th
  • We missed out on the action at Golspie - although there was a poor grid.  Nice to hear that Martyn's "tip for the Scottish" Ross Fenty won the final.  well done Ross.  Martyn's fellow "Team Handsome driver Steven Napier was 2nd, well done Naps.
  • GFR Engines dominated the TKM classes at 3 sisters.  Winning the Senior we think he supplied the engines for the top five in juniors.  Well done Gordie.
  • Warden Law, June 2005
  • Martyn's helmet paint job (done by his dad!) has attracted some attention and his dad has now painted a helmet for William Moffat (see helmet page)  It's quite a bit brighter in real life - fluorescent red and fluorescent yellow - you won't miss him!!
  • Martyn's dad has now been asked to paint a helmet for Sunderland driver Lee Taylor.
  • Martyn visited the Clerk's office at Warden Law after making a move on Mark Hobson.  Mark in turn made a move on Daniel Graham (JTKM 0 plate).  He was let off with a "warning"  - although we honestly couldn't see what he'd done wrong - see for yourself   SEE VIDEO HERE
  • Terence Dove of Evenflow Driver coaching was at Warden Law - we hear that some other top drivers have discovered Terence - one of Martyn's secrets to success!
  • Extremely thorough post final scrutineering kept us all waiting and poor Callum Holland was excluded because the piston ring in his engine had carbon-ed up and stuck.  The scutineer said Martyn's was "close - but ok" phew!  Hard luck Callum.
  • Larkhall, June 2005
  • Martyn gave his new helmet and paint job it's Scottish debut.  It seems to have brought him some good luck!
  • Gemma McBlain is making a habit of collected the best novice trophy  - well done Gemma
  • Steven Napier was on good form, coming from behind in the wet to score a well-earned win in one of the heats from Mark Hobson and just missing out on second place from visiting S1 front-runner Jake Pakun.
  • Junior TKM had the biggest grids of all classes (first time this year)
  • Ross Davie's Dad Brian is determined to star in one of our videos - keep watching Brian - you just might make it this time?
  • For the second month in a row at Larkhall, Martyn enjoyed a reserved space in the paddock - courtesy of William Moffat's granddad, Matty.  Many thanks Matty.
  • John MacTavish www.kartpics.co.uk has produced some great photos again this month.  The wet-weather shots are striking.
  • Terence Dove of Evenflow driver coaching is producing another article for UK Karting - this time on wet weather driving.  He likes the pictures that John MacTavish has taken of Martyn so much that he wants to use them in the article.
  • Stuart Warnock and William Moffat both continue to show good form finishing 5th and 6th and the first two non-S1 drivers, beating many of the visiting S1 regulars.  Well done again.
  • The MLM award for the most places made in the JTKM final this month goes to......(drum roll) Scott Craw who made up 9 places.  Joint runners-up are Gemma McBlain and Jonathan Elliot who made up 8 places each. Well done.
  • Well done also to Martyn's ex-Raceland buddy Michael Binnie who wasted the opposition to win the Minimax final by 5 seconds, half a second a lap faster than the next fastest driver.
  • It was good to see David Robb, one of the top TKM drivers in recent years at the "winners enclosure" at the end of the final.  Dave gave Martyn lot's of encouragement to try and move into TKM.  Dave's helmet also gave some inspiration to Martyn's design.
  • Lydd, May 2005
  • Mark Hobson found some form again in the final, finishing a good 4th - one in front of Martyn
  • Zack Daines didn't have such a good day - struggled a bit to find his pace and didn't make the a final
  • Luke Herbert likes Martyn's all blue nose cone so much he's got one just like it - complete with www.kartpics.co.uk stickers
  • Martyn showed off his new Arai crash helmet - complete with personalised paint job and "caracoat" visor
  • Martyn's second engine "Jimbo" has just come on - he used it in heat 1 - where he recorded his fastest times!
  • Steven Napier also had a mixed weekend - with difficult heats but a good recovery to finish 11th in the final.
  • Martyn's buddies (team handsome!!) were at 3 Sisters where Anthony Lester won and set a new lap record.  Stuart Warnock finished a good 3rd  Well done guys.
  • William Moffat recorded his first win at Crail - well done William.
  • Boyndie May 2005
  • Many, many thanks to Anthony and Steve Lester who helped Martyn and his dad when they had a puncture on the way to Boyndie.
  • The cold must be getting to John MacTavish of www.kartpics.co.uk - there are distinct signs of a beard and moustache re-emerging!
  • We hope Stuart Warnock is feeling better soon.  Stuart was so ill (he was spotted in the paddock but we thought it was Casper!!) that he couldn't practice on Saturday and despite a game effort couldn't manage more than a few laps on race-day.
  • Well done Steven Napier for yet again proving that there is genuinely no difference between JTKM and Intermediates
  • What happened Craig (McDowell)?  Looks like you'll need to wait until next Larkhall to repeat your great drive?
  • Well done Gemma McBlain for winning the Junior Novice Trophy - and getting the biggest cheer of the day!
  • William Moffat drove well.  Having had no practice at all and never raced Boyndie before he led the first heat for several laps before eventually finishing 5th.
  • Another well done - to Martyn's neighbour (really) and namesake Martin Miller who drove a great race to win the Cadet Final
  • It was good to see Louise Muir at Boyndie - even if she was keeping Steven Napier smiling - enough to beat Martyn in the final!!!
  • Larkhall May
  • Ace Photographer John MacTavish of www.kartpics.co.uk surprised us with a new clean-shaven image - hardly recognised him!
  • One of the stars at Larkhall this month was Craig McDowell, who won his first heat (TKM Extreme) in great style in difficult wet conditions.  We are sure it's only the first of many - well done.
  • Ross Fenty won the 3rd heat - is this your first win Ross? Again, like Craig McDowell we are sure Ross will win many more - well done.
  • James Dixon had a great meeting at Larkhall in Junior TKM, coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the heats and winning the final (narrowly, by 0.06s from Martyn!!).  He hopes to be back a couple of times before S1.  It's great to have you here James.
  • Jaymie McBlain is another ex-Junior TKM driver who has really taken to TKM Extreme, earning 2nd place on the grid for the final and having a great 3 man dice with Ian Munro and eventual winner Anthony Lester
  • Gemma McBlain is another fan of this site and is making good progress as a driver.  Keep up the good work.
  • Steven Napier had a difficult day.  After being one of the fastest in practice he was involved in a crash in heat 1 that broke his chassis (non-repairable-ouch!) then another crash in the final put him a whole lap down although he circulated amongst the leaders.  Don't worry Steven - get all your bad luck out of the way before S1.
  • Martyn met the now-famous 2 Second Flat (AKA Steve Donaldson) at Larkhall - what a star and enthusiast.  He seems to be getting a bit faster too?
  • Stuart Warnock had a good return to form in the final - at one point closing dangerously (from our point of view) on Martyn and James Dixon in the final.  Good drive Stuart.
  • Sophie Lanc, although 1 lap down following an "off" was actually circulating just about as quickly as some of the front-runners and was closing on some of them during the race!  Well done Sophie.
  • William Moffat continues to improve his performances too - on his ex-Martyn Lyell chassis.  Despite two DNF's he finished 6th in the final and made the most progress of all, from grid 20 to 6th = 14 places.

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